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Alter Domus Spain is located in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain, which represents nowadays one of the most attractive and strategic countries for investors.

Spain is the second largest country within Europe and offers significant opportunities to target inbound and outbound investments. Furthermore, Spain is a key place to invest not only for its domestic market but also for the possibility of operating with third countries within Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), due to its privileged geo-strategic position within the European Union. Connecting investors with all of these markets, Spain is also the perfect gateway to Latin America. For all the reasons mentioned above Spain is the 9th largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) worldwide.

Spain has a strong focus on the services sector, a high-developed infrastructure and the most proactive workforce, which makes the country a very attractive destination for a wide variation of industries. In addition, the country has become a centre of innovation and offers investors the opportunity to invest in sectors such as Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Information Communication and Technology (ICT), Biotechnology, Aerospace and Automotive, in an appealing competitive environment.


At Alter Domus Spain we have a team of highly skilled professionals who also have extensive international experience, who can assist you with fully personalised and the highest quality services. You can trust your businesses to our team and take advantage of the best opportunities, being accompanied by our professionals through all the way from planning operations to growing your business.

Our offices provide a wide range of Corporate Services, including Management, Legal Compliance, Accounting, Tax Compliance, Liquidation and administration services, simplifying and enhancing any processes in order to improve your results. We can also arrange for provision of independent directors for the companies we administer.


Alter Domus has dedicated teams focusing on private equity, infrastructure and real estate clients. Our firm has an invaluable expertise of the global technical and operational requirements of Fund Administration.


Alter Domus Spain
Calle Orense, 34, 10th floor
28020 Madrid
T +34 91 794 28 48

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Alter Domus Spain
Av. Diagonal, 605, 7th floor
08028 Barcelona
T +34 93 750 36 61

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