Middle Office Services

Asset managers are faced with increasing operating complexities and costs, stringent regulatory requirements, and talent constraints.

As our clients seek more analysis and information for both themselves and third parties we have been helping our clients respond to challenges in their middle office.

Alter Domus has a long history of working with private equity and real estate structures. Over the last ten years, we have worked with many of the foremost private equity houses and real estate firms in the world. Our vertically integrated approach allows us to provide a comprehensive package of Middle Office services from your Investors, the Managing Partners’ investment structures level to your Funds, down to your individual assets.

Our Middle Office Services

We can help you with

  • Assistance in the setup of complex incentive structures
  • Calculation of rights for each holder
  • Maintaining records and calculating carried interest  
  • Communication with incentive scheme holders
  • Issuance of statements evidencing rights of each holder
  • Management and monitoring of incentive schemes  

We provide for Middle Office support for both Fund Services and Corporate Services more focused on the exit phase.

  • Stakeholders coordination with third parties
  • Waterfall structuring, modelling and calculation
  • Funds flow and Step Plan issuance
  • Creation of Sources and Uses statements
  • Accounting forecasts preparation 

We provide a range of Treasury Management Services which enable you to focus on your core business.

  • Cash Flow Modelling / Budgeting / Forecasting
  • Platform/Structure/Fund/SPVs fees budgeting, accruals control and monitoring
  • Banks coordination, payment, cash placement, payment process segregation
  • FX monitoring and processing 

We provide a comprehensive suite of investor services which are tailored to different asset classes.

  • Responding to specific questions from investors
  • Calculation of ratios: return, IRR, DPI performance for investors
  • Production of specific reporting for investors
  • Cash flow modelling, budget and forecast 

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