Alter Domus Code of Conduct

Stéphane Bourg, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, answers some questions on the Alter Domus Code of Conduct.

What does the Alter Domus Code of Conduct mean to our company?

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics of Alter Domus lays down the principles and practices that are binding for all of our employees and Board members to follow unreservedly both in letter and in spirit. The principles and standards set out in the Code characterise all our business activities and all our dealings with our stakeholders, including clients, colleagues, shareholders, regulators and business partners. These principles and standards form the basis for all of our policies, guidelines and procedures relating to the appropriate and responsible corporate behaviour expected of our employees.

Why have we decided now to have a Code of Conduct?

The code of conduct is not new as such as we always applied the spirit of it in the past. The main change is that we now have it as a formal part of our procedures and processes description, answering as such to increasingly internal and external demands. Operating in the financial services industry we must consistently maintain the highest possible standards of honest and ethical behaviour.

Is your Code of Conduct merely a set of guidelines, or are there sanctions to ensure compliance?

Our Code of Conduct is organised into five categories containing guiding principles that should be used by everyone within Alter Domus to guide our behaviour across all areas of our activity.

  1. Your responsibilities
  2. Working with one another
  3. Working with clients and others
  4. Acting with professional integrity
  5. Maintaining our objectivity and independence

Every employee contributes to the process of compliance, it is the responsibility of all our employees to familiarise themselves with the contents of the code and also with any other more detailed Policies and Procedures that may directly affect them or their work.

Each of us is expected to behave accordingly to the principles contained in the Code of Conduct. We encourage consultation and the seeking of advice, as appropriate, from the resources available to assist in the application of this code as it is our responsibility as management to ensure that all firms and employees worldwide understand and comply with this code of conduct.

We take our code of conduct very seriously and it is also important for everybody to be aware that any breach of it will be subject to disciplinary action - up to and including dismissal.

Our clients are the reason we exist and they rely on us to help them succeed in their business goals and ambitions. To earn and maintain their trust we are committed to carrying out our business fairly, honestly, legally and ethically wherever we operate around the world. Our code of conduct that we adhere to provides the ethical framework on which we base our decisions, as individuals and as members of our global organisation.

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