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Managing Director, Sales, North America

United States

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Timothy Ruxton

Timothy Ruxton is Managing Director, Sales, North America at Alter Domus in Chicago.

Timothy joined Alter Domus, then Cortland Capital Market Services, in 2013, co-managing the Credit & Structured Products teams. He now acquires new business and manages existing client relationships within the business development group.

Prior to joining Alter Domus, Timothy was a vice president in corporate trust for Bank of America and US Bank (via acquisition of LaSalle Bank) where he managed multiple teams that worked with CDO, CLO, CRE, CMBS, as well as RMBS products and clients.

Tim has also worked in the European market and is considered a subject matter expert on Securitization and other credit services including Credit Funds, CLO Administration, Trade Closing and Data Analytics.  He has made several presentations and spoken on numerous industry panels in the US and Europe.

Timothy attended the University of Iowa and has his MBA from Iowa State University.

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