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Ismaël Dian

Ismaël Dian is Executive Client Director, Real Estate at Alter Domus Luxembourg.

Ismaël Dian, re-joined Alter Domus in March 2019 to take over the responsibility of the day to day Real Estate operations of the Group in North America. Ismaël has over 10 years of experience with Alter Domus, and more than 17 years of experience in the real estate investment industry.

Ismaël re-joins Alter Domus after having directorship positions at Bain Capital Luxembourg and ID Consulting. At Bain he was responsible for the day to day management of a fund portfolio, and at ID Consulting he was active in regulated and unregulated real estate and debt structures. At Alter Domus, Ismaël was in in charge of a portfolio of international clients mainly active in the Real Estate industry, and involved in the international business development of the Group.

Ismaël holds a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy with taxation from the Haute Ecole Robert Schuman in Belgium. He is a graduate tax advisor and a chartered accountant in Luxembourg. Ismaël is recognised by Lux Alfi as Specialist Real Estate, and certified by Lux LSC as Real Estate broker and asset manager.

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