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Head of Agency Corporates, Carmel

United States

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Janet Roche

Janet Roche is Head of Agency Corporates, Carmel

Janet oversees the Agency Team in Carmel, and has more than 25 years’ experience in securitisation and bank loan operations. She has been instrumental in helping grow the loan administration and business loan services teams.

Janet joined in 2012, after heading the Loan Administration and Loan Trade Settlement divisions at US Bank, which had taken over the Trust division of Bank of America. Joining the Bank of America Global Securities and Trust Services CDO Trust Services Team in 2005, she expanded their operations, and managed the trade settlement and loan administration teams, helping to grow the team from two to 100 people.

Her career began in 1990 at Household Commercial Financial Services, where she worked in commercial loan operations and ultimately led their Loan Administration team.

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