Mathieu Villaume

Mathieu Villaume is Head of Private Clients; Middle East; Switzerland; Latin America.

Mathieu joined Alter Domus in December 2015 and is Head of Private Clients. He has significant experience working with HNWIs, and his areas of expertise include corporate governance, tax planning and asset management.
Prior to joining Alter Domus, Mathieu spent 3 years at Reyl Private Office, as Head of the Luxembourg office, where he led the development of the Multi Family office dedicated to Bank Reyl. Since 2013 Mathieu was Director of Berlioz Investments Fund, an AIF in Luxembourg. From 2010 to 2012 he was CFO at Palace Invest, a Family Office in Luxembourg.

Mathieu’s academic credentials include a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Economic Studies from the University of Avignon in France.

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