Your Partner for Growth

80% of the world’s largest alternative investment managers place their trust in us

The alternative fund industry is changing quickly. When opportunities arise, you need a partner you can rely on. Whether you manage a small stand-alone fund with a limited number of investments or a large multi-billion dollar buyout fund with a complex stream of investments in multiple jurisdictions, we have the tools to help you venture further.



We know how quickly our clients’ needs can change because of evolving regulations, emerging trends and their own strategic direction. They require a partner with the ambition to grow alongside them, but most importantly, they need one that they can trust.


Our more than 3,600 employees include professionals from the fields our clients operate in. With people who’ve worked first-hand in private equity, real estate and debt, we’re right on the pulse of our clients’ needs.


By leveraging best-in-class technology—whether it be an off-the-shelf solution or one built in-house—we have the tools at our disposal to ensure our clients can take advantage of opportunities as they arise. From alternative asset managers and lenders to family offices, we address each client’s needs with a laser-like focus.


Our range of services spans the entire value chain of alternative investment structures. We deliver asset and portfolio solutions ranging from agency services, CLO collateral administration, and credit and structured product services to corporate services, depositary services, fund administration and management company services.


Our vertically integrated solution allows us to service every entity across the entire value chain, thus eliminating the disruption caused by engaging with multiple third-party service providers across different jurisdictions.


We’ve long committed ourselves to going where our clients needed us to be by establishing a presence in world’s most strategic business jurisdictions. Through our global network of more than 35 offices in 20 countries, we’re always poised to scale alongside your business.