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At Alter Domus, we bring the breadth and depth of experience required to support the complex needs of real estate and infrastructure investors and managers. 

Real Estate

Introducing the Integrated Global Real Estate Solution (IGRES)

It’s time to start seeing your portfolio and holdings as a sum of all parts. We equip real estate managers and investors with all the data reporting and analysis required to provide one single digitized version of the truth via one customizable dashboard, no matter what the investment strategy, sector or geography.

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Real Estate Expertise

Real estate is the most complex asset class within the alternatives universe, and we have over 1,150 professionals and sector experts dedicated to making sense of it all. One in four of our real estate professionals have joined Alter Domus from the industry, so we know the realities of marketing a strategy, investing and managing capital, and optimizing returns for all stakeholders through the fund cycle.

Alter Domus acts as a vertically integrated extension or replacement of your back office which breaks the silo between your accounting engine and your front office decision-making. This enables you to make decisions across multiple jurisdictions, while ensuring compliance in local markets as you navigate multi-currency, multi-accounting standards and complex fund structures.

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Our credentials

  • Serving 26 of the 30 of the world's largest real estate firms
  • Over USD 205bn in real estate assets under administration
  • More than 1,150 real estate specialists across 21 countries
  • More than 9,650 real estate entities including funds, separate accounts, financing vehicles, holding and property companies under administration
  • Administering a variety of underlying assets including offices, hotels, retail and shopping centres, industrial and logistics, residential, development projects and more

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Real Estate

Industry Associations

Alter Domus is a member of leading local and international real estate associations.


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