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At Alter Domus’ comprehensive range of specialist teams work together to provide our clients with the depth and scope of services necessary to meet their specific requirements.

Our vertically integrated organisation and wide-spread international presence equip us to serve a very diverse range of industries, developing for each engagement a customised service plan expertly refined to address the clients’ exact needs.

  • Setting up companies
  • Ongoing privileged relationships with local administration, banks and other financial sector professionals
  • Coordinating and contacting independent tax specialists, lawyers and family offices while setting up those structures
  • Implementing complex international structures as part of restructuring plans, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property
  • Provision of independent directors, managers and legal signatories 
  • Corporate Services 
  • Organising board meetings and shareholders’ meetings 
  • Maintaining shareholders’ register
  • Providing companies with a registered office
  • Handling the day-to-day operations of companies and follow-up of third-party relationships
  • Keeping company books and preparing periodical reports for the companies’ governing bodies
  • Preparing statutory and consolidated financial statements
  • Preparing corporate tax returns and tax balances of companies and maintaining relevant contacts with the authorities
  • Preparing VAT returns and maintaining the VAT records of companies
  • Answering client demands in terms of tax planning in close collaboration with external tax advisors, as needed

Preparation of group consolidated financial statements in accordance with local GAAP, US GAAP or the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

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Audits carried out by statutory auditors in order to ensure that annual accounts are in accordance with the accounting standards, the accounting records and supporting documentation for companies which are not already subject to legal audit by an independent auditor

  • Can act as liquidator or provide assistance to the liquidator 
  • Provision of a variety of customised services related to the liquidation of companies 
  • Maintenance of company accounts, periodical reports and liquidation accounts 
  • Handling of day-to-day company operations and monitoring of third-party relationships 
  • Provision of secretarial services linked to company liquidation: organisation of shareholders’ meetings, maintenance of shareholders’ register, handling of legal formalities 
  • Coordination of the liquidation: contact with independent tax specialists, lawyers and notaries while liquidating companies

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In the era post the Global Financial Crisis and post Madoff there has been a dramatic increase in legislation coming from international regulators, as governments seek to take the initiative for preventing future crises and also to increase their tax revenues and it shows no sign of abating.

In order to assist our clients to face these new challenges and to allow them to concentrate on their core business, Alter Domus has developed dedicated solutions for:

Whether it concerns transfer pricing documentation, benchmarking, design of transfer pricing policies, assisting you with your ruling negotiations or the implementation of new transfer pricing structures, Alter Domus can assist you with transfer pricing issues.

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Online content management solution providing publication and sharing of all corporate documents
24/7 access, for all structures, in every location

  • Highly secure tool : encrypted connection and one-time password
  • User friendly interface for browsing and searching
  • Available on iPads and tablets
  • Data room: granted access to third parties (lawyers, auditors, controllers, etc.).

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