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Regulated and non-regulated Real Estate vehicles

Our integrated model perfectly fits Pan-European & Asian Real Estate Funds & Structures

Presentation REAL ESTAT
  • Assistance and coordination with advisers and service providers
  • Investor due diligence and anti-money laundering verification
  • Review of vehicle documentation from an administrative perspective
  • Full compliance support at vehicle launch and beyond
  • Acting as central administrator of regulated and unregulated fund vehicles, closed or open ended
  • Investor communication including register maintenance, management of capital calls, distributions, investments, customised reporting and dealing with investor correspondence / relations
  • Provision of independent directors, managers and legal signatories
  • From top vehicle down to property company
  • Registered office,, maintenance of shareholders’ register and legal formalities
  • Corporate and legal compliance (board and shareholders’ meetings …)
  • Cash flow and consolidated cash flow control and forecast
  • Bank and treasury management
  • Bookkeeping, accounting and reporting in local GAAP
  • Stand alone and consolidated financial statements under local, US GAAP and IFRS
  • Regulatory compliance reporting (NAV calculation and reporting…..)
  • INREV compliance (NAV, fee metrics …)
  • Preparation of all relevant returns, managing the contact with corresponding tax authorities, review of tax statements/assessments and assistance with tax audit

Alter Domus offers depositary services in Luxembourg, UK and Malta and has over 12bn USD assets under depositary of which 1.5 bn is in Real Estate.



  • Record keeping
  • Ownership verification of real estate assets and intermediary holding companies
  • Due diligence and monitoring of all delegates

Oversight Duties

  • Timely settlement of transactions
  • Income distribution
  • Subscriptions and redemptions
  • Valuation of share/units
  • Investments compliance

Cash Monitoring

  • Overview of all movements of the alternative investment fund (AIF)
  • Identify immediately significant cash flows
  • Monitoring of discrepancies and monitoring of corrective measures taken

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In the era post the Global Financial Crisis and post Madoff there has been a dramatic increase in legislation coming from international regulators, as governments seek to take the initiative for preventing future crises and also to increase their tax revenues and it shows no sign of abating.

To name but a few, there have been AIFMD, CRS, FATCA as well as the increasing onerous KYC requirements from regulators.

Real Estate Fund Managers and Investors have now to allocate more time and money to:

  • Understand in depth all the upcoming regulations,
  • Design or update processes in order to meet the new requirements,
  • Establish IT infrastructure for each new piece of regulatory legislation.

In order to assist our clients to face these new challenges and to allow them to concentrate on their core business, Alter Domus has developed dedicated solutions for:

Whether it concerns transfer pricing documentation, benchmarking, design of transfer pricing policies, or the implementation of new transfer pricing structures, Alter Domus can assist you with transfer pricing issues.

We have experience in numerous industries, including real estate where we can provide compliance services in relation to all Real Estate Transfer Pricing matters including documentation for financing structures, country-by-country reporting and inter-company services.

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At Alter Domus we have a fully dedicated team of consolidation specialists with the expertise to prepare a full set of consolidated accounts under IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP and other local GAAPs. Our teams are also experienced in ensuring compliance to the INREV guidelines. With its extensive experience, Alter Domus’ Consolidation produces more than 130 real estate funds consolidations under Lux-Gaap, IFRS, US Gaap,...out of a total of 200 produced annually.

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Investors and fund managers are often led to reconsider their product range and to restructure for various reasons, including in order to ensure cost efficiency. This process was for many accelerated by the consequences of the global financial crisis.

Alter Domus offers the full scope of liquidation services, from the analysis of the project, to its execution from a legal, accounting and tax compliance perspective. We can act as liquidator or provide assistance to the liquidator, and we take on the full coordination with third parties involved in liquidation (notaries, legal and tax advisers, financial institutions…) to ensure a smooth and efficient execution of a liquidation project.

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  • Mail Master : All email correspondence centralised and organised in a shared inbox and “pushed” to all members of the client team
  • Electronic Document Management System (“EDMS”) system provides complete paperless environment with hard copy back-up
  • Alter Domus Connect, allows full access to electronic versions of corporate documents 24/7 link to Alter Domus Connect page
  • Leading industry software: Front Invest Alternatives (eFront) / MONA
  • Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”) and Disaster Recovery Plan (“DRP”) ensure a successful move in the event of a disaster

We have a solid expertise on using our clients own software and technology such as Yardi and MRI.

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