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Alter Domus' ESG Reporting Solution is tailored to alternative assets. Our unique cloud-based digital platform provides comprehensive, tailored reports for our clients and for collecting, storing, and disseminating corporate ESG data.


Effective ESG reporting and disclosure requires a set of criteria and objectives which are aligned with overall business operations and/or investment strategies. This makes it very important to identify and engage key stakeholders throughout the disclosure process.

Mandatory disclosure and reporting carry several possible implications – as stakeholders recognise the potential impacts on the business, they are likely to drive a major review of business models, processes, and policies which respond to stricter regulations.

An example of mandatory regulation which is likely to affect companies disclosing ESG information is the Sustainability Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), which requires financial market participants and financial advisers to make disclosures on the integration of sustainability risks and the consideration of adverse sustainability impacts in their processes and the provision of related information on financial products (including funds and pension products).

For asset managers seeking to ensure their funds comply with the latest regulations, Alter Domus assists clients with performing the categorisation under SFDR and EU Taxonomy as well as provide relevant disclosures to the pre-contractual agreement. Additionally, Alter Domus can assist with completion of the RTS templates and relevant disclosures to the pre-contractual agreement.

Policies & Procedures

Are your ESG policies and procedures compliant with the latest regulations? For asset managers either falling into scope of regulatory requirements or preferring to adapt their policies and procedures to include ESG related criteria, Alter Domus can perform an analysis on the relevant policies and procedures and can also provide templates if none are currently available.

As our AIFM falls within scope of these requirements, we have developed our templates including Portfolio Management, Risk Management and dedicated DDQ for alternative assets and can help our clients to implement the ESG-related criteria into their own framework.

ESG Asset Scoring

ESG ratings, also known as ESG scores, help investors and other stakeholders understand and assess the ESG performance of a company or portfolio. 

With the continued growth in importance of ESG principles comes an increased need for readily available ESG data. Though many traded and non-traded companies publish ESG/sustainability reports, sifting through individual reports isn’t efficient, and comparing businesses to each other is challenging, especially when companies are using different reporting frameworks. 

ESG ratings are designed with the intent to enable investors to quickly compare companies' ESG performance through numerical scores or letter grades. Via our automated platform, we can provide the questionnaire and analysis of assets from fund level down to asset level. Alter Domus is also working to provide benchmarking against peers and global standards, which will be available in the second half of 2022.

ESG Regulatory Reporting

Alter Domus is also working to provide the relevant templates for the regulatory reporting due in 2023. The reporting will be an extension to the Asset Scoring tool and will be available online at any time, in order for clients to use the data for both their own reporting to investors as well as for regulatory purposes.

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