Alter Domus is delighted to be a panellist at the conference Les banques dépositaires face à de nouveaux défis, taking place on October 25th in Luxembourg.

This conference will highlight ongoing challenges within the depositary field, particularly the regulatory constraints arising from the the upcoming AIFMD revisions. Focus will be on ways to prepare for the revisions, as well as potential operational and strategic upheavals that may result. Experts will highlight the future of the depository field from both practical and operational points of view.

Benoit Dewar, Head of Depositary Services, will be speaking as a panelist during this conference Should you wish to meet and/or to schedule a meeting with Benoit, please feel free to contact him. 

Dewar Benoit 215 145

Benoit Dewar
Head of Depositary Services
Tel: + 352 48 18 28 63 46

Event Details

Start date
October 25, 2018

End date
October 25, 2018

Venue Details


6 Rue du Fort Niedergruenewald


Zip Code


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