LTSA Operations Conference

When: April 13 - April 22, 2021

Organizer: LSTA


Join us as we sponsor this year’s LSTA Virtual Operations Conference. The conference will cover a range of topics surrounding the syndicated loan market, including the latest market trends and risks, operational best practices and procedures, and the growing impact of technology on the industry. Join Lora Peloquin, Suzanne Smith, Juliana DeBlois, Beata Konopko and Ryan Morick as they attend the event between April 13 – 15, and April 20 – 22.


The virtual event will additionally feature Ryan Morick moderate the panel “Private Credit – Would Standards be Helpful” on April 15th at 16:00 EST. It will explore recent trends in direct lending, the impact of technological innovation, operational best practices and procedures, among other interesting topics.


Be sure to set up a meeting with our attendees ahead of the conference by contacting them directly.

Debloi Juliana 215x145

Juliana DeBlois

Head of Trade Settlement, North America

+1 312 564 5086

Peloquin-Lora 215x145

Lora Peloquin

Managing Director, Sales, North America

+1 312 564 5055


Suzanne Smith

Group Product Head of Debt Capital Markets

+1 312 564 5075

Konopko Beata 215x145

Beata Konopko

Head of Agency Services, North America

+1 312 564 5080

Morick Ryan 215 145

Ryan Morick

Managing Director, Agency Services, North America

+1 312 564 5072

Event Details

Start date:Tuesday, 13 April 2021

End date:Thursday, 22 April 2021



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