SF Vegas

When: October 03 - October 06, 2021

Where: Aria Resort & Casino

Organizer: SFIG


Alter Domus is delighted to sponsor Structured Finance Association’s flagship event, SF Vegas 2021. Join the Alter Domus team at the 3-day event to discuss a comprehensive array of the latest trends and developments spanning the capital markets industry.

Our team looks forward to meeting with other attendees and sharing their insights on all things capital markets, including Alter Domus’ one-stop-shop solution for managers around the world.

Get in touch with our attendees using their contact details below.

Dombai-Michael 215x145

Michael Dombai

Managing Director, Sales, North America

+1 312 564 5095

Peloquin-Lora 215x145

Lora Peloquin

Managing Director, Sales, North America

+1 312 564 5055

Gandolfo-Tom 215X145

Tom Gandolfo

Head of Sales & Relationship Management North America

+1 917 336 9735

Golden Stephanie 215x145

Stephanie Golden

Managing Director, Sales, North America

+1 212 796 1684

Siegel Ned 215 145

Ned Siegel

Managing Director, Sales and Relationship Management, Private Equity

+1 312 858 2216

Reider Randall 215 145

Randall Reider

Managing Director, Sales, North America

+1 646 494 7501

Traverso David 215x145

David Traverso

Managing Director, Sales at Alter Domus North America

+1 917 983 2807

Event Details

Start date:Sunday, 03 October 2021

End date:Wednesday, 06 October 2021

Where:Aria Resort & Casino



Venue Details

Aria Resort & Casino

3730 S. Las Vegas Blvd.

Las Vegas

United States

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