Beyond Traditional Incentives: People at the Core of our DNA

11 Apr

Beyond Traditional Incentives: People at the Core of our DNA

After a groundbreaking three-day employee event, Alter Domus wins two awards. Dimitri Davreux, Chief Human Resources Officer, reflects on our human resources philosophy and the importance of rewarding staff beyond traditional incentives.

Dimitri Davreux
Chief Human Resources Officer

Why did Alter Domus organize such an over-the-top event?


Most employers say their employees matter. And most of these employers truly believe so. But as the French author Pierre Reverdy said, "There is no love, there is only evidence of love" and this is what makes Alter Domus a different place to grow.

Celebrating our 15-year anniversary was the right milestone to reiterate that the importance we place on our people is shown by more than words, and that these words are followed by unforgettable memories shared among one united, global team. This "family spirit" is the DNA that Alter Domus has focused on maintaining throughout the last few years of substantial growth.

Why did you find it necessary to reward staff beyond the competitive incentives they already receive?

Of course we want our people to be fairly paid, valued and appreciated for their work, but that’s not enough. What’s equally as important is that they feel at home when they come to work. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package to all of our employees across the group. Its intent is to reward everyone's hard work as much as possible.

But our incentive philosophy goes beyond that; it also has critical intangible elements. Our employee recognition program is a peer-nominated award system based on truly outstanding performance. Our mobility program encourages mobility both across teams and across our international network of offices. And occasions such as the 15-year anniversary trip, which is unparalleled in our industry, are just a few of the ways we’re giving back.

This internal incentive spirit only serves to boost our teamwork, combining our corporate culture with our corporate strategy. As a client-centric organization, we value the close proximity in which our teams work together, regardless of grade or geographic location.



What does winning these two awards mean to Alter Domus?

The awards demonstrated that our style of rewarding our people is not necessarily the norm in the industry. We realize that our trip was certainly an out-of-the-box way to show our teams just how valued they are, and it was wonderful to be recognized for this.

We called the celebration "Let's Shape the Future," and it has already begun to shape our future as an organization. The event created this incredible spirit and energy between our teams from around the world, many of whom were meeting face-to-face for the first time. We hope that this type of energy will attract bright new talent so we can continue to have best-in-class teams throughout the organization.


[Watch the video of Chairman Dominique Robyns accepting the Heavent Award in Cannes here.]


Beyond these awards, what are you the most proud of?

I’m impressed by our ability to organize such an elaborate event. We started by digitally connecting people from all around the world in the six months leading up to the event. They were able to share in the mystery and wonder surrounding the ultimate destination, which was kept secret thanks to the amazing work of a very restricted internal team. The team worked in perfect coordination with a robust and agile top-notch event organizer to deliver this award-winning event.

I am proud of all the “firsts” that Alter Domus offered to hundreds of its employees as well. Some attended a fashion show for the first time, some got their passport for the first time, and others left their country or continent for the first time in their lives.

And finally, I am glad we managed to support more than our own staff. Promising young designers and models were given the opportunity to springboard their careers thanks to the global coverage this event received.

[Read the press release about the awards published on HR One here.]


Is Alter Domus open to welcome more people on-board?

Participants of the 15-year anniversary trip are already secretly dreaming of the 20th anniversary celebrations but in the meantime, Alter Domus has plenty of other opportunities to become a part of a truly global organization full of talent from around the globe.

We welcome applicants to apply to positions in any of our 40 offices around the world. With team events organized in each and every country, new recruits quickly become part of the fabric of our culture here. With numerous opportunities for alternative careers in finance, we encourage those who are interested to visit our careers page to check out our current job openings and apply to become a part of our growing team. 



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