Posted on 14 March 2022

Alter Domus lends support to those impacted by crisis in Ukraine

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Alter Domus is providing an update on several initiatives it is undertaking to lend immediate support to those suffering from the conflict in Ukraine.

We remain shocked and deeply saddened by the expanding humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine and surrounding countries. In addition to Alter Domus’ direct support outlined below, we recognize our offices and colleagues around globe as they provide generous and impactful donations of time, funds, food, materials, and other assistance to people impacted. We are equally awed by the heroic bravery and perseverance of the Ukrainian people as we are by the tenacity of our spirit and goodwill to help.  

Alter Domus, together with a direct contribution of members of its leadership team, has made sizeable financial contributions to the International Red Cross and Lithuanian charity Blue and Yellow.

In recent weeks, Alter Domus’ team in Vilnius, Lithuania hosted a charitable auction by donating their own valuable possessions and auctioning them off, with all proceeds donated to Blue and Yellow.

Staff at the firm’s headquarters in Luxembourg filled a truck with donated items such as dry food, batteries, flashlights, sleeping bags, diapers, and more. The Alter Domus Group reinforced this donation with the purchase of additional first-aid items that are being driven to the Ukrainian border through the support of LUkraine, the Ukrainian community in Luxembourg.

Alter Domus has also established a focus group to plan additional actions, such as offering encouragement and support to employees who host Ukrainian refugees and facilitating volunteer time for staff members wherever possible.

In addition to the support mentioned, Alter Domus is monitoring expanded government pronouncements in real-time. It is important to highlight that our purposed history of working with quality clients has positioned the Alter Domus portfolio today with zero sanctioned parties.

Our hearts go out to all those currently affected by this humanitarian crisis. On behalf of the entire group, we support an immediate and peaceful end to this conflict.

- Together, Alter Domus Supervisory Board and Group Executive Board