Posted on 16 August 2021

Growing Investment Opportunities in ASEAN Infrastructure

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As one of the world’s most rapidly developing markets, Southeast Asia holds a number of attractive opportunities for investors looking to tap into regional economic growth and gain exposure to emerging markets. Sensus recently spoke to Richard Hu, Managing Director and Head of Everbright Overseas Infrastructure Investment Fund at China Everbright Limited, who gave us an insider’s view of ASEAN and its future potential.


ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations) is a large market comprised of ten countries. From an investment standpoint, the Tier 1 economies of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore hold the most interest, while the remaining markets – Brunei, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar – are currently at different levels of development yet could also present unique investment opportunities for infrastructure investors.


“There are many positive trends supporting the development of the ASEAN economy,” remarked Hu. “ASEAN has a population of 662 million with median age of 30.2 – and an annual growth rate of 1%. Economic growth had been 5.4% on average before the pandemic. Post pandemic, ASEAN is on the road to become the fourth largest economy in the world by 2030, led by the US, China and the EU.”


This article was originally published in Sensus Magazine. Access the full article by downloading a PDF of the magazine by clicking the image below. The article can be found on pages 4 - 5.