Posted on 02 June 2021

PEI: Creating Value through Data


Tim Toska, Global Head of Private Equity, and Jared Broadbent, Head of Fund Services North America, recently spoke with PEI about the growing impact automation and data management are having on private equity.


The pandemic dramatically increased the momentum towards digitisation and enhanced technology solutions which in turn shifted the expectations of LPs. Tim and Jared explore how effective data management through new innovative technologies such as automation and robotics will continue to play a critical role in meeting these new expectations.


“As the investor base of private equity continues to grow and become more diversified, we can expect continued pressure in providing timely and transparent data. We have already seen an increase in demand due to the influx of retail investors and other investors that are not as familiar with alternatives. That demand for data is not going to lessen any time soon,” explains Tim.


Gain all of the insights covered by Tim and Jared by reading the article here.