Posted on 09 June 2021

Private Equity Wire: Taking a Leap of Faith


Technological progress is driving managers to create more complex private equity strategies. And as products are globalized, the lines which were historically drawn between segments are blurring.


Private Equity Wire sat down with Tim Toska, Global Head of Private Equity at Alter Domus, for their European Service Providers Insights Report, highlighting the firms that received their prestigious accolades in their recent awards ceremony.


Tim outlines: “When it comes down to it, clients starting new relationships with service providers are taking a leap of faith. Our operating model is people-focused. Although we make use of technology to provide added value, prospective clients need to ultimately believe in their partnership with us.”


In March 2021, Alter Domus was named “Best Fund Administrator (GPs with assets >$30Bn)” at the Private Equity Wire European Awards, recognizing excellence in leadership among private equity fund managers and service providers and Europe.


Be sure to read the full PEW Awards report here, which includes a short video of Tim reflecting on Alter Domus’ successful year. Alternatively, you can download the PDF below. For more information about our award-winning private equity services, please click here or get in touch with Tim Toska.