Posted on 30 June 2020

Stronger Together

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There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the lives of nearly everyone on earth. For some, that’s meant practicing new social distancing measures, increasing personal hygiene, and wearing face masks in closed spaces. For others, however, the impact has taken a far more detrimental toll on fundamental human essentials like health, prosperity and livelihoods.


Like many, Alter Domus’ employees were looking for ways to support their local communities as they cope with the fallout from this crisis. But due to the widespread lockdowns and shift towards remote working, physically helping those in need proved difficult. Instead, a donation campaign was launched and the result was more than just a check sent to a nonprofit organization; the campaign showed the true colors of Alter Domus and its people.


Lending a helping hand

Alter Domus’ recent donation of EUR 200,000 to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) was not a typical corporate donation. It was one that began with staff generosity. Each of Alter Domus’ 2,500 people had the opportunity to either give a traditional cash donation or convert some of their unused days off into a cash donation to the IFRC, the total of which was then doubled by Alter Domus.


Joanne Ferris, Chief Human Resources Officer, explained that this collaborative spirit was part of Alter Domus long before the crisis. “We have this incredible internal culture that’s focused on teamwork and collaboration. Our people are also very motivated to do well, both in terms of their careers and by their communities. It’s been really interesting to see how our teams—although more distanced than ever—have come together to form an even stronger bond throughout this crisis and are choosing to give back.”


A culture of collaborative contributions

Supporting local communities is nothing new for Alter Domus, who last year opted to donate to 20 different nonprofits in lieu of giving corporate gifts during the holiday season. The donations were each made to a different charity from each of the 20 countries where Alter Domus’ offices are located.


“Truly listening to our people is key,” says Joanne. “We asked our teams to come up with the most impactful and aspirational nonprofit organizations in their countries because they know their local communities best. That way, we were sure to make the biggest possible impact on the places they and our clients live and work.”


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