Posted on 10 August 2021

The European Innovation Council: Supporting Europe's Ambitious Start-Ups

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Europe is seeking to boost its global leadership credentials in the high-tech innovation sector with the launch of an ambitious new investment fund. Designed to support some of the region’s most visionary entrepreneurs, the EIC Fund is a central component of the EU’s strategy to grow a strong and sustainable innovation ecosystem. Jean-David Malo, Director at the European Innovation Council, explains how the EIC aims to play a significant role in helping shape a better world for everyone.


Emerging and disruptive technologies undoubtedly have a key role to play in defining the world’s future competitive abilities and economic strengths. However, they also have a crucial say in fighting inequalities and improving human and environmental wellbeing. It is therefore imperative that Europe takes the global lead and ensures that technical innovations are grounded in our common values and core beliefs. The EIC Fund’s challenge is to improve quality of life, deal with the climate emergency and boost equality. The funding challenge is looking for impactful investments that change the world for the better

Many European scientists, engineers or tech wizards have the talent and the creativity to bring ground-breaking ideas to life. Their truly original and ambitious thinking often aims to bring transformative tech that will revolutionise our future. But too many fall at the first hurdles, not through lack of vision or drive, but through lack of funding. Investors, wary of the high-risk nature of scaling up innovations, can be reluctant to step in and commit to financing in the early stages. But without strong, consistent funding from the outset many brilliant ideas are doomed to fail. 


This article was originally published in Sensus Magazine. Access the full article by downloading a PDF of the magazine by clicking the image below. The article can be found on pages 6 - 9.