Posted on 06 January 2023

Top client articles of 2022



As we enter the new year, we reflect on six of our most popular client articles for 2022. In these articles, we partnered with a diverse group of top executives to explore the innovative investment strategies and technologies shaping private equity, real estate, and private debt. Through analyses, interviews, and roundtable discussions, these articles offer valuable insights into the individual thinking behind the trends driving the future of the industry.

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Subordinated Infrastructure Debt is a Rising Star
Featuring Hadley Peer Marshall of Brookfield

Infrastructure debt no longer belongs to banks, insurance companies, and government agencies. Hadley Peer Marshall, Managing Partner and Co-Head of Infrastructure Debt at Brookfield, discusses the evolution of infrastructure debt and the factors driving an increasing number of investors to the asset class.

Real Estate Roundtable: Life After the Pandemic
Featuring Sophie van Oosterom of Schroders, Joanne McNamara of Oxford Properties, and Teresa Dyer of M7 Real Estate

The past two years of the Covid-19 pandemic have been a watershed for the real estate industry. Face-to-face contact has been rare, and ESG has emerged as a key challenge for the sector. Sophie van Oosterom, Global Head of Real Estate at Schroders, Joanne McNamara, Executive Vice President of Europe & APAC at Oxford Properties, and Teresa Dyer, Chief Operating Officer at M7 Real Estate, sat down for a roundtable discussion about the rapidly changing landscape.

The Data Journey: Five Steps to Turn Data into Information
Featuring Yuriy Shterk of Allvue Systems

Yuriy Shterk, Chief Product Officer at Allvue Systems, explains why GPs require a holistic approach for collecting, distilling, and presenting data in an increasingly complex marketplace. He outlines the five steps GPs can take to transform data into actionable insights.

Europe’s PE Investing: A Different World
Featuring Karolina Drozdowska of Innova Capital

Growth isn’t the only thing investors are chasing in Europe’s private equity markets. Karolina Drozdowska, General Counsel at Innova Capital, explores why investors are increasingly interested in aligning their investments with their values. Karolina explores the rise of ESG investments and the metrics that have allowed ESG to become more measurable.

Real Estate: The Building Blocks of Tomorrow’s World
Featuring Stéphane Bensimon of Ardian

A new economic landscape is emerging, shaped in part by clear shifts in working patterns and societal expectations. Stéphanie Bensimon, Head of Real Estate at Ardian, discusses developing trends, the growing importance of technology, and the future of the office sector and wider real estate industry.

Private Debt Growth Spurs Investment in Operations
Featuring Scott Turley of Broadridge

As the private debt market grows, so too does the need for technology, data, and analytics solutions. Scott Turley, Vice President of Product Evolution, Asset Management at Broadridge, explores the impact of such rapid growth and the tools firms are using to rise to the challenge.

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