Posted on 11 January 2018

Could co-sourcing be the right solution for your organisation?

Alter Domus' Director Przemyslaw Koger shared his opinion on a Malta Today article highlighting the benefits of a co-sourcing solution. Maltatoday article - January 2018

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Various terms are being used in today’s business world, centred around the word “sourcing”, one of them being “co-sourcing” – but what does it really mean? The most commonly used definition is the following: "Co-sourcing combines the advantages of outsourcing and insourcing as it provides access to external expertise without having to completely give up internal control over processes.”

In simple terms, co-sourcing involves the outsourcing of certain roles that an organisation does not want to completely allocate to an external provider. This normally covers a period of between six months to a year and ensures that the organisation retains control over the work performed.

In reality, an external provider would provide an organisation or client with a resource with specific expertise, which would perform certain tasks under the day-to-day guidance of the organisation. 

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