Posted on 17 November 2020

Alter Domus Integrates Yardi to Enhance Global Real Estate Strategy


Yardi will be a key component of Alter Domus’ Integrated Global Real Estate Solution providing bespoke services to its international customers across their entire value chain.

Alter Domus, a leading provider of fund and corporate services to alternative investment managers, has selected Yardi® as its technology partner to enhance Alter Domus’ global real estate strategy.
Alter Domus services over $110 billion of real estate assets under administration as partner to 18 of the 20 largest real estate investors globally.


Alter Domus has adopted Yardi Investment Management to further streamline reporting for cross-border real estate investment structures and spanning the entire value chain from assets to investors. Alter Domus will also use Yardi Debt Management, a module developed specifically to add loan servicing capabilities to the vertically integrated accounting and reporting tool. Alongside the firm’s proprietary client portal, CorPro, the Yardi solutions are embedded into Alter Domus’ Integrated Global Real Estate Solution to offer a vertically integrated, all-encompassing reporting and data environment for real estate equity and debt products managed by international and global investment managers.

Anita Lyse, Head of Real Estate, Alter Domus, said: “As we continue to see globalization of real estate as an asset class, investment structures are becoming more complex and administered in more jurisdictions, whose local needs and compliance requirements diverge. Data quality is critical for effective asset servicing and administration across borders. We are pleased to partner with Yardi to enable our Integrated Global Real Estate Solution, as this will further strengthen our ability to provide top quality services with speed, accuracy and transparency. Combining this with our cloud portal solution, CorPro, gives us a unique technology environment that further enhances our operational processes and enables near real-time access to high-quality, detailed portfolio information to our clients and their investors.”


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