Posted on 06 October 2022

Alter Domus Wins Award for “Best Debt/Loan Administrator”


We are proud to announce that Alter Domus has been named “Best Debt/Loan Administrator” at Private Equity Wire's European Credit Awards 2022 in London. The accomplishment recognizes the expansion of our Debt Capital Market Solutions in Europe and serves as a testament to our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of credit managers by providing innovative, customer-driven solutions.

Alter Domus won the award through a majority vote based on a widespread survey of GPs, LPs, and other industry participants preselected by Bloomberg. Over 6,600 votes were cast as part of the survey, with 45% coming from managers, 27% from investors, and 28% from other industry participants. Amit Varma and Juliana Ritchie attended the awards ceremony in London on 28 September to accept the award and to celebrate the achievement with partners from across the industry.

Amit Varma, Director for European Debt Capital Market Services at Alter Domus, commented on the accomplishment: "I'm incredibly proud of this achievement and believe it to be a true testament to the quality of our Debt Capital Market Solutions. Our strong partnerships with debt clients have allowed us to become very familiar with their specific needs and desires. This knowledge, coupled with the hard work and expertise of our multi-jurisdictional teams, have enabled us to create a market-leading range of innovative debt solutions specifically tailored to our clients' evolving needs."

The achievement is an impressive milestone for Alter Domus, given the fact that we launched our Debt Capital Markets (DCM) Solutions in Europe in 2018 following the acquisition of Cortland Capital Market Services LLC, a US-based fund administrator. The acquisition allowed Alter Domus to leverage Cortland’s leading US loan services, expanding them across Europe and tailoring them to the specific needs of European credit managers. These efforts continue to be recognized by the market through awards such as this and others, and showcase our commitment to servicing European credit managers as we further cement our reputation as a leading global debt/loan administrator.