Posted on 30 May 2022

Back-Office Operations Becoming a Value-Add Proposition


In typical growth-begets-growth fashion, as large institutional investors began entering the PE space, the capital infusion sparked even more robust fundraising — along with requirements for enhanced reporting in less time.

This is a challenge for GPs that have historically struggled with data disaggregation, says Tim Toska, Group Sector Head, Private Equity. But overcoming the challenge and offering investors streamlined data and portfolio analytics can be a market differentiator, Toska tells Private Equity Wire’s (PEW) Winners Report.

For GPs without the back-office bandwidth to deliver streamlined, aggregated information, the answer is often consultative relationship with a service provider such as Alter Domus, PEW’s 2021 and 2022 Best Fund Administrator in its class. Focusing on technology and work process enables Alter Domus to “help managers increase efficiency and allows our teams to build even closer and more valuable relationships with them,” Toska says.

To read more, including Toska’s thoughts about the current environment’s effect on fundraising, read the article here.

About the Winner’s Report:  Alter Domus was named Best Fund Administrator for GPs with assets above $30bn at Private Equity Wire’s European Awards 2022 and 2021.