Posted on 22 September 2022

Change Is Coming to France: Alter Domus Works to Help Fund Managers Meet the Challenges


Growing economic uncertainty is making fundraising and asset valuations increasingly challenging in France. In Real Deals' Region Report: France & Benelux, Frederic Berthier, Country Executive France, discusses the economic headwinds and regulatory trends, including the roll-out of reformed GAAP rules, that are affecting risk and reporting.

Frédéric explains that high levels of inflation and rising interest rates are behind a slowdown in capital markets. When the fundamentals are more volatile — and there’s more oversight to protect investors — it becomes tougher to make decisions around asset valuation, meaning managers need a different kind of help.

“Given the considerable push-and-pull of market and economic forces — as well as all of the unknowns — conventional ways of supporting fund managers are no longer enough. Administrators must develop a more meaningful understanding of client needs, requirements, and pressures and then respond by transitioning into a more middle-office role,” says Frédéric.

To learn more about the changes coming to France and how to prepare for them, read the article here or download the PDF below.