Posted on 01 December 2021

Consistency is Key in ESG


Defining ESG reporting frameworks and metrics is crucial to realizing actual environmental and social change. Antonis Anastasiou, Director and Member of Alter Domus’ ESG Committee, sat down with Private Equity International to discuss the need for standardized ESG frameworks in private equity.

The rapidly growing significance of ESG has led to the emergence of an array of diverse reporting frameworks and benchmarks aimed at evaluating ESG related data. Antonis describes the challenges of not only gathering the right data but also selecting the proper framework and benchmarks to assess ESG performance. He underlines that forming an industry consensus on ESG variables and implementing a standardized framework to measure these would streamline the evaluation process while further strengthening ESG oriented investments and companies.

I think that is an important first step as ESG increasingly becomes a key criterion for the selection of assets, GPs and service providers. We need to be able to compare like with like because the importance and dynamics of ESG are only strengthening and are clearly here to stay,” says Antonis.

Access his full conversation with PEI by downloading the PDF below.