Posted on 16 January 2023

Data Exchange Takes Centre Stage


In Private Equity Wire’s Luxembourg Report, Bruno Bagnouls talks about how Luxembourg is attracting more complex alternative investment funds and what the jurisdiction is doing to make life easier for fund managers, including those who require customized reporting.

As fund managers and investors clamor for more granular data earlier in the reporting cycle, data sharing has become increasingly important. Luxembourg, which is known for creating end-to-end solutions for complex private funds, is building on its expertise in this area.

“The jurisdiction has been able to grow significantly and progressively in both private equity and private debt. One of the key elements in this progress has been the solutions to capture, process, and report financial data. Having a platform that allows managers to access data and allows them to potentially build their own customized reports is very powerful,” explains Bruno.

To learn more about how Luxembourg is overcoming industry challenges, read Bruno’s article here.