Posted on 23 September 2022

Design and Efficiency are Key to Unlocking the Value of Data


In Preqin's Service Providers in Alternative Assets Report, Gus Harris, Head of AD Data & Analytics, discusses how investors can overcome the limitations of AI to process the large volumes of data associated with alternative investments.

Investors are increasingly struggling to harness the vast, disparate volumes of data produced by alternative investments to make key investment decisions. Gus identifies that unstandardized data and weak integration between back, middle, and front offices are presenting significant challenges to investors. Gus explains that while efforts to standardize data will only find limited success due to the diverse nature of alternative assets, establishing efficient connections between offices can be accomplished through proper design and technology. He also explores AI’s role in processing unstructured data and other strategies investors can use to improve their data management practices.

There needs to be a carefully designed connection between the front and middle offices. But to function efficiently, both rely on the back office to deliver vital information. The hand-off to the middle and front offices needs to be carefully planned and orchestrated,” explains Gus.

Capture all of Gus’ insights by reading his article here or downloading it below.