Posted on 12 August 2021

Finance Dublin Funds Monitor Roundtable


In Finance Dublin’s recent Fund Monitor Roundtable, Ross McCann, Head of Fund Services, Ireland, reflects on the impact the ILP has had on the Irish Asset Management industry and explores the development of the EU and UK asset management markets.


Brexit has driven many UK and international asset managers to turn to Ireland as their solution for the continued management of European funds and ensured access to the single market. The roundtable expands on the various ways Ireland has sought to capitalize on this position, examining the success of the ILP, the impact of the pandemic, private markets, and the future of the Irish funds industry.


“Our business strategy for setting up and expanding our presence in Ireland is largely driven by our view that the private asset sector will continue to grow globally, and we believe that Ireland is well-positioned to take a larger share of this growing market,” explains Ross.  


Read the full roundtable discussion here. (Subscription required)