Posted on 11 November 2021

Finance Dublin Funds Monitor Roundtable, November 2021


In Finance Dublin’s recent Funds Monitor Roundtable, Ross McCann, Head of Fund Services, Ireland, discusses how upgraded fund products and improved regulatory regimes have led to an exponential increase in Irish domiciled funds.


Ireland’s fund industry reached a new milestone at the end of June 2021 when Irish domiciled investment funds recorded a record NAV value of EUR 3.7bn. Ross attributes much of this growth to the long-awaited legislative enhancements to the Investment Limited Partnership (ILP) and reforms to key regulatory regimes. Ross highlights that these developments will continue to streamline managers’ ability to use Ireland as a gateway to European investment opportunities.


“Considering this year’s product enhancements, such as the updated ILP legislation, CBI guidance on share class features of closed-ended QIAIFs, and the new depositary (DAoFI) regime, we expect to see increased traction in the way of fund launches,” says Ross.


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