Posted on 02 June 2022

Funds Europe Ireland Roundtable


Already the largest administrator of alternative assets in the world, Ireland is poised for even greater growth thanks largely to the government’s modernization of Irish Investment Limited Partnerships (ILP).

James McEvoy, Country Executive Ireland at Alter Domus, recently participated in the Funds Europe Ireland Roundtable. He explained that reforms are helping the market evolve and making it easier for asset managers to bring investors the asset class diversity and strategies they need. Add in clearer guidance from the government that also applies to ICAVs and other fund structures, McEvoy says, and the market is poised to “evolve in a much more meaningful way.” As for the future, McEvoy sees the upcoming Individual Accountability Framework (IAF) as a fundamental development. “It focuses on incentivizing positive individual behavior and providing regulatory means to enforce on individuals,” he says. “It will require really active management and assessment and gap analysis to make sure the firms are compliant across management companies and administrators.”

To learn more about what’s in store for Ireland’s fund managers and investors, download the article here.