Posted on 03 January 2022

Funds Europe: How Covid Could Benefit Infra


In Funds Europe’s recent Private Markets Non-Listed Infrastructure Roundtable, Anita Lyse, Group Sector Head, Real Assets, examines the unique landscape for infrastructure investments across Europe and highlights how the asset class is driving the adoption of renewable energies.

A wealth of new investment opportunities in infrastructure are emerging as governments throughout Europe seek to reduce carbon emissions and enhance their digital networks. Anita examines the powerful role infrastructure investments can play in driving the development and adoption of renewable energies in a market environment that places increasing value on green certifications and ESG scores. Anita additionally explores how the rising number of infrastructure-related investment opportunities have caught the interest of private investors, who are now seeking access to an asset class traditionally dominated by institutional investors.

What we hear from the market is that the outlook for infrastructure investment is strong due to the Covid-19 stimulus packages. Traditionally, infra is a way for governments to spend themselves out of a crisis, create jobs and help get the economy back on track,” explains Anita.

Access the full roundtable discussion by downloading the PDF below.