Posted on 11 March 2021

Funds Europe’s Specialist Fund Administration Roundtable


In the Funds Europe Luxembourg Roundtable, Robert Brimeyer, Country Executive Luxembourg, along with other prominent industry experts discussed a wide range of topics pressing the fund administration industry. 


The panel explored how innovative technology is paving the way for more effective and client-tailored services, the rising threat of cybercrime, Luxembourg’s international competition as well discussing the industry’s outlook for the year ahead.


“The pandemic has given us a significant push forward in terms of digitalization, so things that were just impossible to conceive of a year ago – such as something as ‘exotic’ as an electronic signature being accepted by a bank – is happening now. I hope that as an industry we continue to move in that direction, because we clearly see that digitalization is a solution, but it hasn’t been used as widely as it should have been. So, that will continue to be a strong priority for us,” says Robert when questioned on the priorities for the year ahead.


Uncover all the insights shared in the roundtable by reading the article here (page 26 - 33).