Posted on 01 June 2021

Going big: Commercial real estate investors are harnessing the power of data science


Alex Droste, Global Real Estate Platform Leader, recently spoke with Institutional Real Estate Americas on the impact data science is having on the real estate industry.


Modern data science has dramatically accelerated the development of best practices related to collecting, integrating, and analyzing data. Alex explores how data science is transforming the real estate fund industry by providing new levels of speed, transparency, and accuracy when reporting on data associated with the underlying assets of real estate funds. He additionally expands on the role automation and machine learning are playing in creating efficiencies in collecting and analysing large amounts of data.


“There is a huge challenge around the data aggregating and ‘smoothing’ exercise that you have to undertake to get data fit for use condition,” explains Alex when questioned about the challenge real estate managers face when consolidating data across their investment structures.


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