Posted on 07 December 2021

Hedgeweek: Expanding for Growth


Speaking with Hedgeweek, Greg Myers examines how private markets captured growth throughout the pandemic and describes a new lending landscape where private asset managers are offering strategies that are replacing those traditionally provided by banks.

Government stimulus packages have kept growth in private markets alive throughout the pandemic, but what will happen once governments reduce their aid? Greg explores this outlook while describing the opportunities that have arisen throughout regional markets as private lenders move to provide lending solutions traditionally delivered by banks. He underlines that the future of private markets will largely depend on building a robust fund services ecosystem that can facilitate growth, product development, and ESG. 

Everyone thought that Covid would be that event that would lead to a lot of defaults and restructurings, but because of the government stimulus and wanting to keep nearly every industry in place to avoid a cataclysmic shock, that cycle hasn't started yet,” states Greg.

Access the article here or by downloading the PDF below.