Posted on 18 August 2022

Helping Prepare Luxembourg as an International Distribution Hub


As more global private equity players set up shop in Luxembourg, there’s a push to promote the country as an international, rather than regional, hub. The Luxembourg Private Equity Association (LPEA) is working to ensure the nation’s legal, regulatory, and tax infrastructure is designed for a global industry.

Among LPEA’s leaders is Benoit Dewar, Alter Domus’ Group Product Head of Depositary Services. As Co-Chair of LPEA’s Depositary Working Group together with fellow Co-Chair Daniel Engel of Brown Brothers Harriman, Benoit is helping to standardize and streamline depositary reporting of alternative asset annual confirmations. The LPEA group’s work includes setting quality standards for annual depositary confirmations and clarifying discussions between depositaries and auditors.

To learn more about the LPEA and the steps being taken to streamline and standardize depositary reporting in Luxembourg, download the group’s outlook which features Benoit and Daniel on pages 60-64.