Posted on 01 June 2022

How Data Will Transform the PE Market


Better data is a universal business need. But how GPs and LPs in the alternatives market define “better” varies widely says Gus Harris, Head of Data and Analytics Products at Alter Domus: like beauty, "better" is in the eye of the beholder. 

That doesn’t mean data strategy should be a free-for-all, however. There are common threads, Gus tells Private Equity International. Data must be accessible, interconnectable, and accompanied by analytics to allow reporting and drive decision-making. While the PE industry might not quite be there, the right discussions are happening now to make “better” a reality. In the meantime, Harris says, steps can be taken today. “This is not a cheap process and there are no quick fixes, so there is a need for data governance and organizational commitment,” he says. Harris believes that within the next couple of years, fund managers will be well on their way to implementing a sound data strategy.

For more of his insight and predictions, access the article by downloading the PDF below.