Posted on 07 September 2022

How GPs Can Handle Data Management Challenges


Angela Summonte, Global Head of Asset Owners, explores how inconsistent information across alternative assets coupled with rising regulatory and LP demands are creating unique data management challenges for GPs in Preqin's 2022 Alternatives in Europe Report.

The absence of standardized data across the spectrum of alternative asset classes is proving to be a significant obstacle for managers looking to collect consistent data and relay it to their investors. Angela explains that while the technology to decipher complex investment information can be acquired, the bigger challenge is obtaining frequent, consistent data. Linked to this challenge, Angela emphasizes that GPs must find more efficient and effective ways to manage their data to meet the growing regulatory demands for transparency and LP appetite for ESG information.

Investors are not just looking for performance data from GPs. They also need non-financial information on socially responsible investments, or impact. This is a new, urgent challenge for GPs, and is a specific issue for the alternatives market,” says Angela.

Discover how managers can overcome the unique data management challenges impacting alternative investments by reading Angela’s article here (subscription required) or downloading it below.