Posted on 05 December 2022

Infra Debt Has a Bright Future


In an interview with Infrastructure Investor, Anita Lyse and Laurent Fudvoye describe why the prospect of attractive and resilient returns is driving investors to infrastructure debt. 

The essential nature of infrastructure has made investments in financing these types of projects increasingly popular among investors seeking stable returns. By offering secure cashflows less sensitive to the wider economy, infrastructure debt offers investors a natural hedge against the inflation currently plaguing the global economy.

Anita and Laurent explain how these characteristics are transforming infra debt from a once-considered niche sub-asset class into one bustling with new entrants and opportunities for a diverse range of managers and investors. They explore how managers must adapt their operations when dealing with infra debt funds, the challenges lying ahead for the infra debt market, and how the asset class can positively impact the environment and society.

“We may be reaching an inflection point, in Europe, particularly, where infrastructure assets under management are expected to outgrow both real estate and private debt, leaving the asset class behind only private equity in the alternatives market,” explains Anita.

Learn more about the benefits infrastructure debt holds for managers and investors by reading the full article here or downloading it below.