Posted on 01 July 2021

Ireland Opens the Door for Funds Growth


Speaking with PERE, Anita Lyse, Head of Real Estate, and Ronan O’Donoghue, Head of AIFM Ireland, explore how regulatory changes and a new Irish funds regime will enable Ireland to compete for fund business in post-Brexit Europe.


An outdated fund regime that lacked alignment with common strategies and mechanisms found in private funds was a key reason why Ireland lagged behind other countries in attracting managers following Brexit. The introduction of the Irish Limited Partnership (ILP) regime and other associated regulatory changes for private funds in Ireland may soon change this. Anita and Ronan look back on how Ireland has fared so far in winning post-Brexit business from private real estate funds and discuss how the changes to Irish partnership law will affect the nation’s appeal as a fund domicile. They also touch on the impact that changes to funds marketing in the EU will have on domiciliation choices and gauge Ireland’s future potential as a fund domicile.


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