Posted on 05 November 2020

Maintaining Momentum and Seizing Opportunity


Speaking with Private Equity Wire for their Luxembourg Fund Services Report, Anita Lyse, Group Head of Segments & Head of Real Estate at Alter Domus, gives her take on Luxembourg's strengths as well as the areas it must pay close attention to in order to maintain its position as a solid financial center. She also discusses the importance of a digital onboarding process for investors, the need for increased use of smart technology, and the specific challenges facing the real estate investment industry.



Describing her personal experience in the real estate investment business, Lyse explains, “One of the biggest challenges is how to efficiently work across pan-European or global investment structures as these will often include up to hundreds of different entities across many different jurisdictions which will all be different in terms of their currencies, accounting standards and local reporting requirements.


“The challenge becomes how do you bring all of that together in a timely fashion? How do you ensure consistency for the purpose of the fund-level consolidation and reporting back to investors all while ensuring that you are compliant with whatever obligation you would have at the local entity level? I think unless you have a solid and integrated technology solution that will cover all of these aspects, this process can quickly become quite the nightmare.”


Read the article, access the full Luxembourg Fund Services in Focus 2020 Report, or download the PDF below.