Posted on 09 August 2021

Opportunities Abound in Ireland’s Debt Capital Markets


Speaking with Finance Dublin, Elizabeth Fitzgibbons-Butler, Head of Sales for Debt Capital Markets, and James McEvoy, Country Executive for Ireland, explored the factors driving the growth of Ireland’s debt capital markets.


The restructuring of the banking sector across capital, asset quality and liquidity have greatly attributed to transforming Ireland’s debt capital markets into a more stable asset class, one that investors are increasingly comfortable with. Ireland has supplemented the demand for the asset class with the availability of top-tier talent and a supportive legislative framework allowing it to emerge as a hub for the private capital industry. Still, challenges and improvements remain. 


“Ireland has always been the front runner in the debt securitisation world, so it's a natural fit for debt fund managers, particularly US-based managers, because of such a strong cultural alignment,” says Elizabeth.


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