Posted on 03 November 2021

PERE Technology Report: How to Improve Visibility into Real Estate Debt


As part of PERE’s Technology Report, Alex Droste partnered with Yardi’s Chris Barbier to discuss how technology can help real estate lenders and borrowers gain transparency and mitigate risks in loan management.


As real estate borrowers try to avoid breaching covenants amid volatile market conditions, access to streamlined data reporting is as important as ever. This need has pushed fund administrators and property management software providers to work together to eliminate the process of using volumes of spreadsheets to manage loans and develop a single-source solution that captures performance components across loan structures. By streamlining the data reporting process, these single-source solutions not only allow LPs and GPs to track the current state of their structures but also greatly enhance their ability to forecast future performance.


“As a service provider, if we didn’t have the single source of truth for the entire investment structure then data integrity and efficiency losses would be a huge concern for us. Once you start having to roll forward countless spreadsheets in multiple systems to track certain data points, the reconciliation process becomes very difficult to manage,” explains Alex.


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