Posted on 01 September 2022

Secondaries Market Fuels Investments, Despite Feared Global Recession


Fundraising may be down compared to last year and the specter of a global recession remains, but the appetite for PE investing is still strong, says Tim Toska, Global Sector Head for Private Equity at Alter Domus. In an interview with Private Equity International, Toska discusses the growth, price and other trends he’s seeing, including LPs favoring skilled owner-operators who can still provide “outsized returns.”

Toska also talks about the industries that have the most investment appeal right now — not surprising, the pandemic is still influencing the market — and describes how more investors are using the secondaries market to obtain liquidity for new investments. “With the growth of the secondary market over the last few years, it has been interesting to see the high volume of transactions,” he says.

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