Posted on 02 November 2022

Solving Managers’ Pain Points Through Proptech


Michael Gregori and Alex Droste describe the challenges real estate managers are currently facing and how reporting solutions and automation can resolve them in PERE’s Technology Report.

Today’s real estate managers face an array of challenges. Overwhelming volumes of unstandardized data are depriving them of the transparency needed to make informed investment decisions while increasingly global investor bases are forcing them to think of new ways to structure funds. Michael and Alex explore how new technologies can help resolve these challenges by aligning data systems and generating reports that satisfy the demands of different investors and regulatory frameworks.

They examine how automated data reporting tools are supplementing existing accounting systems to create reports that meet the level of customization that LPs are demanding of real estate managers. While exploring the benefits these tools hold, Alex and Michael touch on the risks associated with integrating these systems, explaining that many of these can be negated by partnering with a service provider that has already implemented these technologies and has a proven track record of using them.

"It is one thing to collect data, but how does it get ingested stored and utilized to make better investment decisions? Typically, assistance and use of tools and services around data feeds, automation, data warehouses, data lakes, reporting and the like will help answer may of those questions," explains Michael. 

Learn more about how technological advancements are transforming real estate investments by reading the article here or downloading it below.