Posted on 10 February 2022

Strengthening Capital Administration


Dean Schaffer and Gary Shelto recently sat with Real Deals to discuss why the alternative investment fund industry needs rules-based technology to support capital administration needs.


The rapid growth of the alternative investment industry is forcing GPs to fast-track new funds to keep up with rampant investor demand. Dean and Gary explain that while data has evolved to become an invaluable tool to meet rising LP demands, the alternative industry has grown so drastically in scope and sophistication that it is producing too much data to analyze effectively. To overcome the challenge of dealing with these overwhelming volumes of data, Dean and Gary explore the solutions provided by automation and customizable, rule-based technologies.

Basic Excel models can’t support the level of complexity and certainly aren’t dynamic enough to track and accurately report performance under various scenarios – or fulfil the growing requirements related to information security, transparency, accuracy, and speed,” explains Dean.

You can access the full article here or by downloading the PDF below.