Posted on 01 April 2021

Succeeding through synchronicity


Speaking with Private Funds CFO, Maximilien Dambax, Group Head of Fund and Corporate Services, and Tim Toska, Global Head of Private Equity, examined how technology is shattering the barriers between clients and providers. 



In this exclusive keynote interview, Maximilien and Tim describe how technology is proving to be an invaluable means of forging closer relationships between clients and service providers, while explaining how Alter Domus is integrating innovative technology to bring value to its partners.


According to Tim, “As more of the basic blocking and tackling is handled by automated processes, we’re freed up to make more strategic contributions to our clients.” Maximilien agrees, “The future of fund services is going to continue to be defined by the ongoing digital transformation of what we do, but the winners are going to know how to use those innovations to bring them into even better alignment with their clients.”


Read the full Private Funds CFO keynote interview here (subscription required) or download the PDF below.